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SUNPOETS sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
The weather is warming, the earth all things recovery, the awaken of spring is abundant, it is a good time to travel. In the bloomy spring season, families with friends outside to enjoy nature to bring green gift, say goodbye to the cement forest closed and depression of busy work, body, restore good mood and full of energy is a wonderful thing. With the rapid growth of economy, people life level unceasing enhancement, the & # 8220; Motorists & # 8221; Teams are also growing. When at the feast, road trips are popular with more and more tourists, and accepted by more and more people. Therefore, arises at the historic moment of making a product under the stimulus of demand more and more fire.

designed for people with glasses, do not need to remove glasses, directly set on the original glasses, wear convenient, beautiful and easy. By high-tech lightweight composite materials with stiff prevent scratches, impact resistant, fracture, strong light, environment security.

applies: driving, fishing, hiking, climbing, playing golf, boating, skiing & # 8230;

mirror ( Polarized light) Features:
A polarizing film containing, the use of advanced technology, eliminate the glare, improve visual fatigue.
B, strong light effect at the same time, make the vision more clearly, more natural color.
C, can completely block the ultraviolet ray, as well as harmful light, such as screening infrared light greatly reduce the damage to the eyes.
eve mirror ( A good) Features:
A, made of A good lens to the night, can not only effectively reduce the dazzling light, still can make the night see things more clearly. See more clearly, more safe driving.
B, was caught in a rain, fog, snow weather stays a clear vision, discern fine scenery.
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