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Sunshine beach good mood with Levi 's glasses concave shape

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Walk tired of hot asphalt, stroll tired of the hustle and bustle of the city attractions, as the summer vacation of three big magic weapon 'BBS' 海滩,比基尼,太阳镜) , how many people on the Wish List. People mountain people sea beach didn't surprise, not perfect figure very reluctantly give up what one favours the bikini! Afraid of what, a pair of sunglasses can make you confident and can make you amazing people! As a pose, how the eyes, the collocation of cool sunglasses, also is worth said well, as is at the forefront of a fashion girls, how can we miss the Levi 's cool sunglasses. Different series adapted to different modelling, small bring infinite at all. Classic round frame sunglasses retro swimsuit on collocation, the fashionable young woman of small face hidden meat the role of a good pair of glasses is obvious: covered black rim of the eye, and show small face, really is the first choice for star to go out without makeup reduction of age! Levi 's cool is the sun glasses series, let your stylish perfect. LS92045 - C02P - 50 ls92045 - C03P - 50 ls92045 - C04P - 50 exquisite craftsmanship of the plank circular frame, dazzle colour collocation of lenses, polarized mercury create a modern fashion cool feeling restoring ancient ways. Shows the light and the thickness of historic fashion aesthetics. The beach on vacation you have a pair of such a trend of personality glasses sheet is tasted, in combination with a set of vintage swimsuit, real perfect ~ ~ the combination of neutral aviator sunglasses and sexy swimsuit, handsome full marks the aura of the queen how to jump out of the gorgeous beach girl, a successful catch people eyes? A word is not cool, girl handsome but even the boys worship to his knees! A classic personality of Levi 's pilot light series design is an absolute aura. LS91082 - C04P - 60 ls91082 - C02P - 60 ls91082 - C05P - 60 design unique metal double bridge of the nose, tears of dazzle colour lens, and easy of cool wind bloom lights shine. Concise concise metal frame, at the same time, reduce the pressure for ears also reveal a kind of rigorous, noble modern aesthetic design concept. Collocation is a sexy swimsuit, turns head absolutely empty. Fashion sunglasses bikini on collocation, the box nifty soft of minus age girl nifty style of bikini in sexy enough on the basis of perfect into the soft of cute, in the summer beach is like a spring of of a people's heart. A simple pair of fashionable sunglasses, the box let nifty and soft of reflect the proper but slightly younger unabashed individuality! LS99025 - C09P - 52LS99025- C12P - 52LS99025- C13P - The dazzle colour square frames, 52 light qualitative material, for the girl of infinite youth breath a little bit of make public, unruly. Different colors of hd mercury polarized lens, romantic cozy good mood and adding material. Hinge place Levi 's symbol of bats type metal modelling design, reveal personality of freedom, innovation and brand spirit. Whether it's the beach or casual street snap, this glasses is definitely your fashion standard, let you become the focus of peoples attention. In the meat and dazzle beautiful summer passion, fashion must not lazy, a pair of Levi's sunglasses for you to embrace a summer heat, cool fresh fashion hi, romantic summer, also want to shape the perfect stylish! Do you have get to? This article from the Chinese glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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