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Swarovski 120 anniversary celebration, pasha, stunned

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
June 24, for a period of two weeks of swarovski 120 anniversary celebration and global fashion jewelry exhibition Shanghai officially ended. This in the bund 22 the fashion art festival held in one hundred in the red chamber, brings together the world's top designer's impressive, invited 120 brands meanwhile strive, domestic leading brand glasses pasha glasses in this swarovski 120 anniversary celebration is shining appearance. The swarovski 120 anniversary of the AD hoc modelling booth - — Crystal cake, as much as four layers of booth with swarovski crystal compose ACTS the role of vertical and become, in the light of the projection of dazzling brilliance. Pasha carefully crafted T60052 swarovski elements sunglass, against the background of water curtain sends out a colorful beauty. Pasha as one of the partners for many years, is committed to building China's new trend fashion glasses, mixture of Oriental aesthetics and international fashion design elements and perfect, with exquisite craft, passionate, sincere style with swarovski elements of glasses. Intricate cutting, rich and magnificent colors and creative clever design, shining eyes at the same time awakened self charm more women. Mix the pasha glasses of swarovski elements design is more striking, both age and classical style. Fashion women centered, shining through elements reveal the eternal charm and personality style, become the pasha break through the traditional one of the motive force that lead the new trend of the domestic glasses. Pasha a leading brand in the process with the innovation, the pursuit of fashion and persistence, and the concept of swarovski. The stunning appearance of swarovski 120 anniversary celebration, also indicates the swarovski pasha will continue to maintain close relations of cooperation, together create a fashionable new mileage. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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