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Swarovski 2016 chun xia series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
'My goal is to continue making the swarovski a to design as the main body of the company. 'Fifth-generation successor Nadja Swarovski said. Her crystal empire through with different industries such as manufacturing, equipment, design of cooperation and gradually broaden the world map. White diamonds from the Academy Awards of giant crystal curtain, Tokyo motor show and Mecedes Benz forge SL600 crystal car, looted in such films as 'stolen' hundreds of millions of diamond film black swan, clothing, props scenes sponsorship, Design Miami Design show the theme of the exhibition Design, Miami to Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, Dolce& Garbana crystal material is qualitative, Alexander Wang, and so on high quality brand cooperation. Fifth-generation successor Nadja Swarovski besides across industry marketing cooperation case, Nadja Swarovski crystal empire more mastered the precision cutting technology, research and development of crystal glass and so on the core technology, the Austrian factory building in the city of Wattens, bureau of the people is the staff, Nadja Swarovski inherited the traditional techniques, echo contemporary market demand, run the complete industry chain from upstream to downstream. Glasses and swarovski 2016 chun xia series, has extended the brand spirit, the style for modern women, try to use fashion and attractive design technique, presents the brand trademark 'crystal Mosaic and top technology'. Colorful variety of shape and color, every modern women can find their own unique style. The dazzling sun glasses spectacular ( 难以置信,SK0110) Sunglasses, name is called, wide cat's eye acetate modelling all exhibit sensual charm and strong personality, unique style is obvious. Arm frame contour in the ring mirror foil ordered people memorable, and covered with fine double color crystal stone, bring fashionable effect under different hue. Fable, 寓言,SK0111) Frame is a spectacular ( 令人难以置信的) Glasses of the premium, square front-end used a similar style. Mirror arm with the iconic crystal, swarovski reiterated luxury quality. Smoked lens and the fashionable color of downy, make the sunglasses have very attractive finish. This paper source China glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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