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Sweater and sunglasses to wear out for Europe and the United States street snap

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Warm, sweater but in the spring of the necessary sheet is tasted, but how to wear to wear out in Europe and the street snap fit? Small make up here for us to allocate a few sweaters. For your long sweater and a bottom, and then build on boots, enrage bright day high fall out of the door, so surely no problem ~ + 2 sweaters broad deployment of loose skirt + sunglasses, wide skirt, bunt sweater may be sweater plug into the skirt, so dress up can let you make sense of youth ~ easy construction of tall waist line, show high show thin this as each person will be. 3 sweaters + package hip skirt + sunglasses if you are an office worker, want to spell able and feminine, then allocate pencil skirt is your workplace is not two. + + 4 sweater dress + sunglasses sweater dress is street snap, autumn to see one of the routine use of brief paragraph sweater + high dress, can't show high oh ~ 5 sweaters + pipe trunks + sunglasses deployment of smoke tube pants this kind of pants pants, originally loose swelling characteristic sweater want to build good baggy pants, and not very briefly. Mix well can wear a big WenZi languid is lazy. Will do.
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