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Sweet, all kinds of sunglasses cool photos

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Sweet jasmine name Gu Yunxin, because rose to fame swiftly after the father came back, and become a 'xin ye' by people! Sweet jasmine have the appearance of parents, mom and dad smile li xiaolu, except for the high level of appearance or the darling of the fashion world, small make up for their deep impression is often a pair of cool sunglasses covering surface. Sweet xin seems to have inherited their loading force descent, various sunglasses cool photos continuously, cause online buzz. Let's take a look at the sweet, all kinds of sunglasses cool photos! ! ! ! Father and daughter are both wearing sunglasses is more than those who rob mirror again, sweet jasmine wear hat, deadpan, a pair of sunglasses the box foil more her cool. But next to smile while also is black surface, but sipping mouth, hide behind sweet xin appears weak. Sweet in the photo, wearing sunglasses, big box is very handsome, cool than the classic three fingers she laughes camera pose, the expression of a face of innocence is so cute. Sweet jasmine wore conspicuous leopard sunglasses and a baseball cap, du with small mouth is very lovely, butterfly style sunglasses her little face foil into a 'V' word, a pair of classic deadpan sample looking cool and very proud! Between himself and the mirror always seem to sunglasses covered face, facial expression is also very funny. Smile a big box reflective sunglasses, how handsome and fashionable, but was he a pouting lips, teasing force feels dye-in-the-wood. Sweet, this pair of oval sunglasses low-key, but looked very lovely, lovely to see, small make up said they often sunglasses covered surface, and the three wear sunglasses a than a prick, sweet jasmine this pair of reflective frog mirror is very bright, her cold face is also give out the light of parents! See if the above introduction, feel out, the somebody else three small treasure is in use sunglasses rob mirror, what are you waiting for! Hurriedly to glasses sunglasses factory network the choose and buy your favorite sunglasses! ! ! !
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