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Sweet Helen Keller sunglasses fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Sunshine, beach, waves the & # 8230; … Young heart is always full of yearning and vitality. How many different pairs of eyes, turning into a colorful colorful world, romantic and vitality, deep fragrance, writing their own youth and sunshine.

mirror legs contracted HELEN letters modelling with metal film K letters to make the whole glasses, more show fashion atmosphere.

narcissus beauty
by pressure membrane deformation and ingredient composition H water striate, sparkling ling with metal LOGO, permeated with green and free from vulgarity atmosphere.

fashion waltz
colorful set auger around H deformation of metal design, tie-in HELEN deformation of die design like mirror legs fashion waltz, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood.

the covenant of roses H deformation of the rose design into the enchanting woman flavour, die of color and carved sprayed flashing petals effect, on both sides of the flying outside the circle type with deformation dancing feet, more enchanting.

by pressing mould and ingredient to form the large petals H deformation, cutting wave shape make this mirror legs glasses fashion sense.
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