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Sweetheart the host Patty hou and pasha glasses frames fashion week

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Following the 2015 world's four big fashion to follow, starting this year big fashion heatwaves, now is winter, the heat of the New York fashion week, continue to affect the next global trends. Once the sweetheart of the host, now wife Patty, happiness since the Bali xiangfujiaozi, rarely leave the country; New York fashion week 2016 spring and summer, when the host elegant appearance, a guest ruili, iraqis fashion wear Prsr pasha glasses to present the original fashion street snap, is rather rare. Hou anchor, dressed in a grey knitted dress, devoid of spare accessories, only a pair of pasha metal ladder into irregular frame sunglasses ornament, a proper modification face, while imposing manner is very, reproduce consistent dignified temperament and sweet smile, is still people that wen wan and perfect woman in my heart. Now family hou anchor, raise your hand is cast sufficient between all show a ruddy good color, with elegant natural interpretation with pasha glasses 'nowhere not style' essence of fashion.
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