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Symptoms of trachoma and how to treat them? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
Many people think that trachoma is nothing more than swelling due to the sand in the wind entering the eyes. This is trachoma. In fact, this view is wrong. Trachoma is a chronic infectious conjunctival keratitis. It is a disease caused by chlamydia. People who get trachoma will form a rough and uneven appearance on the surface of the eyelid conjunctiva, which looks very like sand. Therefore, it is called trachoma. So what are the symptoms of trachoma and what is the treatment of trachoma. Let’s take a look at it together. Symptoms of trachoma The symptoms of trachoma can be divided into three parts to understand: 1. Early trachoma: At this time, trachoma will not be too obvious, and it will not be too easy to be found by others. It can only be found during a formal physical examination. I often feel itchy eyes, dry eyes, tears when encountering wind, there will be a small amount of secretion on the corners of my eyes when I wake up in the morning, and I often feel eye fatigue and discomfort when working or studying. These symptoms are all symptoms of early trachoma. Should be treated in time to avoid deterioration. 2. Chronic trachoma: At this time, trachoma is more obvious, because chlamydia has entered the surface cells of the upper arm of the conjunctiva, causing conjunctival lesions, epidermal cells shedding and necrosis, and deep cell proliferation and angiogenesis, making the surface of the conjunctiva rough Smile with raised nipples. Frequently, when the eyelashes rub against the cornea, it will cause corneal pain. It is also very photophobic. Frequent tearing can cause corneal inflammation. You must go to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise it will cause blindness. 3. Acute trachoma: This is the deterioration of trachoma. The pathology of trachoma has destroyed the glands and lacrimal glands of the conjunctiva, so that the eyes cannot produce tears and gradually become chronic dacryocystitis. At this time, the eyelids will be red and swollen, and the conjunctiva will be highly congested. If not treated properly, it will not only cause blindness in both eyes, but also cause a variety of diseases. Treatment of trachoma 1. Topical medication: For early trachoma, it is mainly to strengthen topical medication. Frequently used are: sulfa eye drops, rifampicin eye drops, etc., insist on instilling eyes 3 to 5 times a day, and apply some ointment when sleeping at night. Persistent use can promote scarring and treat trachoma. 2. Systemic treatment: For chronic or acute trachoma, in addition to daily topical medication, you can also take sulfa preparations 2 to 6 times a day to reduce the deterioration of trachoma. 3. Surgical treatment: This treatment method is aimed at complications, because trachoma is a chronic infectious disease, and medication must be adhered to every day, which will make the chlamydia of trachoma resistant. At this time, surgery is needed to perform electrolysis on the sequelae of trachoma to directly eliminate the chlamydia of trachoma and prevent recurrence. As a kind of acute conjunctivitis, trachoma can cause vision loss and even blindness without proper treatment, and it may also cause various symptoms. Therefore, we should pay attention to preventing trachoma in our daily life. Eat more fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, mulberries, etc., and eat more foods containing vitamin A, which play an important role in preventing trachoma.
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