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Syndrome, prevent sunglasses lens selection is very important

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
As the weather gradually warm, the intensity of sunlight also more and more big, many people go out wearing a pair of sunglasses. However, if accidentally bought clothes inferior sunglasses, will lead to see the object deformation, distortion, nausea, loss of appetite, and forgetfulness, the symptom such as insomnia, these are the sunglasses syndrome. Next, glasses sunglasses factory a good way to teach you a few action to distinguish inferior sunglasses, in order to prevent sunglasses syndrome. Lens quality is the better choice lenses that quality is the essential part of the whole pair of sunglasses. Must pay attention to when buying sunglasses lenses surface whether there is a scratch, bubble, impurities and stripe, etc. , in addition, the definition of the lens and roughness on the surface of the lens is also very important. At the time of purchase requires careful attention to these details. Sunglasses, choose is very important for color glasses sunglasses factory remind everybody, the color of the sunglasses selection is very important. , according to a study for the uv and infrared radiation effect better have two colors of green and gray lenses, used to go in ultraviolet or infrared environment suitable for people to wear, dark sunglasses to strong light has the very good low function.
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