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锡安。 T how love glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
KBS variety show 'infinite challenge' songs of the 2015, let the singer Zion. T known by more people. Although there are a lot of people like him before, like his music, but awareness is not high enough. As 'infinite challenge' song offerings of Zion, which is the sea rate, his music is more and more people hear, also got the attention of many Chinese audiences and love. He cooperation with HaHa 'Sponsor' light rhythm, melody and moving, supported by a high, his single twin it also spread to each big list, high heat. Popular Korean dramas in 'Pinocchio' episode and his song 'Kiss Me'. And 'infinite challenge' in the process of recording, relish, in addition to Zion. T music talent, he is almost never take off glasses, just appearance is the first phase of the mysterious circle frame sunglasses. Is glasses from face later. Watched the small make up, is really 'no glasses, don't go out', ha ha. All kinds of glasses, glasses, glasses, round glasses, elliptic glasses, square glasses, there are all kinds of sunglasses, set forth in each model, only you think, no you can't see. Not letter, you see, see, this is you don't believe it, can not Zion. T can be said to be the glasses slasher ha ha. But he did wear glasses is really good, no problem of the handsome boy a ah. But do you believe it, don't wear glasses of Zion. T levels in appearance but will reduce the moment. Love glasses is because it is said that he himself is not confident to his face, small glasses. Visible glasses really is modelling the secret weapon, as an integral like clothes. So if your eyes are small, if you also want to become more confident, if you want to become like Zion. As more handsome have a type T, go looking for suitable for your glasses! Recommended glasses: new ray-ban real high-end plank of men and women with myopia frame glasses RB5315D2000 black sagawa fujii c176 tide sheet with full frame 73028 yards of men and women in general recommended hawksbill myopia glasses sunglasses: ray-ban RB3532 001/68 men sunglasses Jin Leipeng RB4222 men sunglasses 622/8 g grind arenaceous black/lenses grey
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