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锡安。 T love the round frame sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
锡安。 T, name sea rate, 2015 South Korea variety show 'infinite challenge' songs of sacrifice, let him by many Chinese audience attention and affection, small make up also because no pick to understanding the soul singer. Also because of unlimited challenges, Zion. T 'it bridge' in audio source list successful counter attack. His work with HaHa 'Sponsor' also reap praise and applause, small make up of I like, single cycle for a long time. His unique style and exquisite and unique voice, he got a lot of people love and support. 锡安。 The one big characteristic of T he is super love glasses, especially round frame sunglasses. In infinite challenge when he wears a pair of black frame sunglasses, mystery, combined with his unique personality and temperament, more than a cute and naughty. Holt countless absorption, led many curiosity. In fact, Zion. T is because of no confidence in his own eyes, and prefers to wear glasses, effect did surprisingly well, really no problem a mysterious handsome boy, so eyes small children can learn oh, create unique charm, is Zion. T love circle frame sunglasses!
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