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TAG Heuer glasses: frames that can awaken the desire for sports_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
The exquisite glasses series newly launched by TAG Heuer in 2019 is mainly based on its simple and exquisite design craftsmanship and the design quality of clear lines and outlines. The main purpose is to reflect the style of contemporary urban men, and it shouts 'to stimulate the inner desire for sports adventure.' slogan to stimulate the dynamic beauty of men. Tag Heuer glasses: frames that awaken the desire for sports Tag Heuer glasses have always been bold and avant-garde. In the Legend series, the combination of aesthetics and mechanics is used to design a unique hinge style in glasses, and it uses the highest quality stainless steel material in the world. The combination of quality and fashion is superior. The Legend series glasses are mainly in a low-key and luxurious style, fashionable, light and atmospheric, adhering to TAG Heuer's consistent pursuit of perfect design and wearing comfort. In the TAG Heuer LINE exquisite series, it perfectly combines elegant design and high-end materials, and promises its high-quality visual effects and quality to all audiences: combining high-quality stainless steel temples with high-quality materials The rubber is pressed into a whole by high-tech technology, so that the two materials are seamlessly fused together to make the whole visually simple but extremely delicate temple. This exquisite series of glasses allows consumers to experience unprecedented comfort, and makes the wearer more distinguished and distinctive. It has to be said that the high-end and trendy design can convey the mature charm of men from the details, and at the same time can inspire the unique dynamic charm of men, which is the embodiment of the modern urban men's style. Not only that, TAG Heuer has innovated the exploration concept of design and inherited its sports fashion design route. No wonder TAG Heuer shouted the slogan of 'stimulate the agility of inner desire for sports adventure'!
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