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Taizhou Plastic Fair: Jingye's one-step three-station injection stretch-blow machine captures the hearts of the people again ---Beijing acrylic processing

by:Eugenia     2022-01-07
A few days ago, the 18th China (Taizhou) Plastics Fair (Plastic Fair for short) was held in Zhejiang Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Plastics Fair has become an important window to fully display the progress of China's plastics industry. It is the first industrial exhibition in China's plastics industry to showcase the 'four in one' of plastic raw materials, products, plastic machinery, and machine tools and molds. With many advantages such as professionalism, production area and internationalization, the Plastics Fair is gradually growing into one of the most influential exhibitions in China's plastics industry. Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingye Machinery) brought the one-step three-station injection stretch blower WISBIII-40 to the exhibition (Booth A15), which attracted the attention of many exhibitors. (Jingye Machine Booth) As a leader in domestic hollow molding technology, the exhibiting equipment of Jingye Machine has always attracted the attention of people in the industry. At the exhibition site, you can see that the booth of Jingye Machinery is crowded with people, and new and old customers take this grand event to discuss business face-to-face with Jingye Company. After learning about the performance of the one-step three-station injection stretch-blow machine WISBIII-40 on display, many visitors praised the advanced performance of this machine. 1. Jingye machines can meet the production of high-demand products and save costs. Jingye machine booths have attracted domestic and foreign customers. The automatic 'injection-stretch-blow' molding machine WISBIII-40, production technology includes host, mold, molding process, etc. In the link, the equipment adopts a three-station form, which is divided into three stations: embryo injection, stretch blow molding, and demoulding, which ensures the extremely high appearance quality of products and meets the production needs of high-demand products in the market. From raw materials to products, the one-step three-station injection stretch blow molding machine WISBIII-40 only needs to be blow molded at one time, does not require secondary heating, saves energy consumption, and does not require manual operations in the middle, which reduces production links and reduces production costs. 2. The product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The machine is displayed on site with a two-cavity 300ML 'learning cup' mold, using green environmental protection material Tritan. Tritan material does not contain the toxic substance bisphenol A, and the product has many characteristics such as clear and transparent, high impact resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. The drinking cup is a cup for the baby to practice drinking water. The product made of Tritan material is green and environmentally friendly, unlike other plastic products with harmful substances. (Products produced by Jingye one-step three-station injection stretch-blow machine WISBIII-40) In addition to the environmentally friendly material Tritan, it is also suitable for the production of PPSU, PET, PETG, PP, PC and other materials. About Jingye Machinery Jingye Machinery was established in 1997. Since its establishment, Jingye Machinery has always focused on the development and production of hollow molding machines. So far, it has obtained 6 national invention patents and 13 utility model patents. The machine can produce products with a capacity as small as 2 ml and as large as 15 liters. The products produced by Jingye machinery and equipment are now involved in the daily use industry, baby products, pharmaceutical industry and sports water cup series. The products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, America and other places, with customers in five continents. Jingye Machinery's customers include well-known companies such as Disney, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Mengniu and so on. Beijing acrylic processing production
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