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Taizhou sunglasses mixed lack of independent brands depend on low price competition

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
According to the taizhou customs statistics, taizhou region of the first half of 2010 export sunglasses a total of 1076. 33 $30000 year-on-year growth. Export 1%, the average price rose 22 year on year. 7%, among which the private enterprise exports almost monopolized the sunglasses. The export market is given priority to with Russia, Iran and the United States.

although taizhou sunglasses export present JiZeng quantity and price of the first half of the good momentum, but the price of taizhou production sunglasses is still relatively low, the design of the product, type, quality and there is a big gap between domestic and foreign well-known products, products of independent intellectual property rights is a handful. Taizhou customs relevant controller introduces, due to lack of own brand, taizhou glasses industry in the downstream industry chain, competition to open markets, many enterprises only through demand a low price and lead to churn out or cut corners, etc, and seriously affect the sustainable development of taizhou glasses industry.
taizhou customs advice, to speed up the glasses production enterprises through their integration and development, change the situation of scattered, small, small and medium-sized enterprises, to develop large well-known enterprises, enhance the product competitiveness. In addition, some have retained DE talented & # 8220; Airborne troops & # 8221; To enterprise management. Hire a professional design talent, from glasses basic details such as style, color, material, with excellent quality and service, to the development of high-end market.
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