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Take an umbrella ARNOLD PALMER sunglasses full resolution

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Summer left nothing left sunglasses, and sunglasses can prevent bask in, can also be street cool, so what brand sunglasses is good? Take umbrella ARNOLD PALMER brand sunglasses is your good choice ~ introduction the flower umbrella/ARNOLD PALMER, founded in 1955, this is the first U. S. athletes success established brand in personal name. Brand emphasizes the American spirit, not afraid of difficulties, the pursuit of excellence, show ego individual character. So far ARNOLD PALMER brand business has covered more than 30 countries and regions, one of the iconic color umbrella has become a popular global fashion trendsetter. Take an umbrella in 2006 to enter the Chinese glasses market, the brand sunglasses in years of research and development design, has been committed to the most abundant color, with a cutting edge to cater to the modern women's multiple roles amah! In 2012, take the umbrella brand sunglasses on the basis of the original stressed that 'a women-only' further enhance the brand proposition - — 'Color' by me, advocate urban women stylish charm with her, on different occasions with different colors to create their own temperament and style. Take umbrella type, with a unique colour aesthetic that deduction in profusion colour glasses at the forefront of fashion, the founder of brand history ARNOLD PALMER ( Arnold parma) Mr. An amusement park known as the 'king' in the golf! In the 1950 s, Arnold Palmer has created so far no one can break the record, for four consecutive years won the masters champion. World Cup team won 6 times, is the perfect time star! Because the founder ARNOLD PALMER, 'golf hero' image, ARNOLD PALMER is the European and American countries such as the upper social circle's representative. While he create a flower umbrella brand, President Clinton's high praise. Take an umbrella brand has been popular in more than 30 countries and regions in the world, the business product lines include fashion, home textiles, shoes and sunglasses, and many other industries, by fashionable people chase after hold in both hands. Arnold Palmer brand works in Japan in 2001, immediately become a current hot all over Japan. While in Hong Kong by the I. T formally introduced, loved by consumers, young girl idol star including Twins, 2 r, etc are all fans of the brand. In China, to take an umbrella sunglasses with fashion color captured many women's heart. Core technology take umbrella lens can effectively filter out clutter reflection, improve vision clarity and comfort, lens color level rich, vibrant colors at the same time, meet the demand of women's fashion. 1, rich color level lens color rich layers, color bright, meet the demand of women's fashion. 2, multi-layer reflective film lens concave increase plating decreases reflective film, effectively avoid the lens of concave some reflect light interference on the line of sight, to view more clearly. 3, oil pollution prevention film make lens surface more smooth, more scratch resistant, not easy with dust, fingerprints, long-term to maintain clear lenses. Brand positioning: the United States take umbrella/Arnold Palmer, founded in 1955, was the first American athletes success in personal name kingdom established brand, one of four color trademark umbrella has become a global icon of the fashionable personage love affair with the trend. Take umbrella sunglasses in 2006 to enter the Chinese mainland market, the brand with unique color type aesthetics, deductive in profusion colour glasses at the forefront of fashion. Take an umbrella sunglass main women's market, designers focus on design style, and will use different material and color meet the different needs of fashionable woman. Take an umbrella rich product line, is able to completely show different colors in the scene. Company profile xiamen Meg kington technology co. , LTD, is a set product development, production and sales, marketing management, which integrates professional glasses brand operating company, belonging to the nation's largest cheng yi optical glasses manufacturing sales enterprise group. The exclusive agent for the sale of glasses brand in the Chinese market are: British PILKINGTON/PILKINGTON, American SANTA BARBARA POLO& RACQUET CLUB/st. Paul, the ARNOLD PALMER/take umbrella and Taiwan designer Dr. Swan, Dr/Swan. Over the years, Meg gold with its professional quality, innovative ideas and high quality service, the goods in the market and the vast majority of consumer recognition. At present, Meg gold in major cities throughout the sales network has spread all over the country, and has become the domestic glasses industry professional brand operators and leaders. Meg kington will continue to 'let everyone have a higher quality visual experience' for the purpose, for the vast number of consumers to provide more quality services and experience. Above is take the umbrella was introduced in detail, if we want more sunglasses and product information, welcome to sunglasses factory glasses net query, website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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