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Take off glasses Qiao Xin appearance

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Stretch, has a pair of round glasses covered face, give a person a kind of compasses, diligent, and she is not god presence is weak. But from the script, you will find that the cage star Qiao Xin take off glasses don't have another amorous feelings ~ almost babies in amway's 'ode to joy' is about to enter an end to the five leading lady do you like? From the start popular FanSheng beauty ( Rulu) Love gold, to despise her materialistic and motivated enough slanting idea, to understand the sticking point of all contradictions behind her, began to love her. And ziwen wang played QuXiao gauze is the person who let the audience raised, step by step, from the 'national spirit to the double standard snob. As for Qiu Yingying, can saying is Andy made her! The role of zha zha shout, and some on the rampage, natural look stupid in a group of highly intelligent people unbearable speech. As Andy liu tao is needless to say, the role of Andy is neutral, has its own principles, have their own ability, possible drawback is her story, but it is precisely this role is full of flesh and blood. The above four characters have their own characteristics, their own presence, more or less will be the audience hanging in the mouth! Say good five beautiful, everyone seems to be missing stood quietly them stretch. Stretch itself quadrature in the compasses in character, diligent, plus stretch star Qiao Xin is new artists, audiences for 20 sets, also don't know who is this girl. But nearly a few sets, cage in the character of the conflict was revealed. For the views of life, to insist on self silence never equal to incompetence. In fact, the 'ode to joy' five girls inside, small make up like is shut off, maybe she is the epitome of we work after 80 after graduating from university. Not famous university graduate, when an intern in a big company, only pay more efforts to stay, every day to work overtime late into the night, in addition to work overtime is overtime. Role forever is only a temporary, jump out of the TV actor is true. As there is no sense to a lot of people have been poking fun at cage, clear soup noodle no better, but the reality was born in 93 in the Qiao Xin is a beauty, the eyes or the fate of absorption of big long legs! Sagawa fujii plank + alloy 81233 tortoiseshell C221 tide model of neutral myopia frame cage in the basic it is glasses from people, occasionally your glasses, but cage are high level appearance beautiful girl ~ a person with not wearing glasses modelling in the poster, small make up also really a little not recognise yeah ~ hou is said to be always in the 'ode to joy' in the second quarter to shut off your glasses, will don't know is true? Cage star Qiao Xin was born in 93, a sister of hard as long isn't it a bit difficult with close relation ~? Out of the script, find Qiao Xin don't have another amorous feelings, is no longer the cage ~ ~ Qiao Xin has a great height of 170 cm, weight 47 kg, is also a standard in really good shape! She starred in 'green hill fox legend in the embroidery, many netizens have said at the time when the theatre didn't recognize this is nowadays popularity rose cage ah ~ and also played in' list of reed {langya} 'YuWenNian, you made?
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