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Take you a comprehensive understanding of 'sunglasses syndrome'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Don't know if you have heard of 'sunglasses syndrome', the so-called sunglasses syndrome, is refers to the abuse of sunglasses and the cause of vision loss, blurred vision, severe generates a headache, dizziness, vertigo, be agitated and not long, and a series of symptoms of the syndrome. In addition to the understanding of its definition, then, is there anything else need to know? Small make up today to bring you a comprehensive understanding of sunglasses syndrome. The symptoms of sunglasses syndrome have anything specific? This condition was embodied in a variety of feelings, such as early in the eyes close to nose around the site had numbness and tingling, breathing more obvious symptoms, like a cold, and people feel like there's little bugs crawling on the face, upper gum numbness, upper incisors feeling unwell, local blood circulation cause skin inflammation, eye acid bilges, vision loss. The discomfort, the sunglasses 2 - in more After 3 weeks. How should prevent sunglasses syndrome? Prevention of sunglasses syndrome, to correctly choose the rational use of sunglasses, choose double pupil distance is consistent with the individual face frame glasses. Try not to choose a big frame glasses, because this kind of frame is more import, is designed according to foreigners face, and our country most adults double pupil distance is less than the imported optical center distance, big frame glasses to wear the glasses will greatly increase the burden of eyeball regulating function, damage eyesight. Another penny cheap to buy cheap sunglasses, because this kind of sunglasses often quality is not very good, often wear this kind of inferior sunglasses, easily lead to decreased vision. What is the sunglasses can recommend? Ray-ban sunglasses RB4225 men transparent laybourne RB3016-646/55 M men sunglasses 1182/4 e wood grain
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