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Take you a taste of the large square sunglasses fashion star

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Sunglasses are stars easily concave shape, large square sunglasses and give a person a kind of cool, tide to the empty feeling, love is so many stars. This is for a street take pictures of the stars are always cool handsome aggressive was one of the reasons. Let the stars take you enjoy a large square sunglasses fashion cool! Proximate cause film search tactic in cannes jingboran star road has been prosperous in recent years, with his appearance level and taste, of course, this also is inseparable, he appeared at the airport, the star logo tide T + black leather shoulder bag + black square frame sunglasses, the overall look of rocks, square sunglasses will his face modification more angular V have the man taste. Gd Bigbang captain has been the south Korean fashion fashion ICON, every time the mirror must be use the star style of wet rocks is very bright blind. In the street snap, rivet cap + large black frame glasses, the collocation of English sentence necklace + plaid shirt, let GD appear contracted but not simple, a large box of sunglasses, star rocks, increasingly GD pointed only big slap in the face. Former girlhood member Jessica Jessica is also full of the fashion leader, especially now that fashion brand promotion BLANC bullying after President of west card once appear at the airport, and every moment of the queens. Small perfume violet plaid small coat + white T-shirt + black matte leather pants + black chanel chain bag, again on a pair of his own the fashion sunglasses, the box of wet rocks with handsome aristocratic wind on her was developed to get incisively and vividly. Tiffany tang has a low-key costumes appeared in Shanghai airport, black hat + black vest coat + render unlined upper garment, black trousers and black Louis vuitton designer handbags, with a large mirror material of square sunglasses, overall for vegan added a bright spot. 'National school hunk' li yi feng not only high in appearance, but also great clothing product, the focus of attention wherever he is. All sorts of modelling of the airport, in particular, acclaimed, we take a look at li yi feng handsome airport photos! A suit sportswear, wearing a white baseball cap, a pair of oversized sunglasses black box surface, the leisure sport wind, sunshine handsome! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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