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Take you appreciate the charm of reflective sunglasses Shen Mengchen

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Shen Mengchen as host of hunan satellite TV, the usual collocation is better than model, clothing and accessories, all seems very tasteful. Small make up also discovered, Shen Mengchen particularly fond of reflective sunglasses, often can see it on weibo! Shen Mengchen embodiment green girl, wear overalls, comb air balls head bang, wearing a Gentle Monster of THE DREAMER series sunglasses, oversized mirror, looks very cute. This dress is vertical stripes dress collocation, vertical stripes on the vision driving up the whole person, looks like figure scale is good. Shen Mengchen go out to play also don't forget to wear the reflective sunglasses oh, how, looks very young girl? 温柔的怪物, 做梦者01 ( 1M)
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