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Teach you a simple identification method of polarized sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Close to a lot of friends ask, is there a way to distinguish between polarized sunglasses, after all, now almost all the sunglasses boasts polarization functions, but the real polarization can be implemented and how many, many friends bought so-called polarized sunglasses, but is likely to be just a cheap colored glasses. Here I introduce a relatively simple and feasible method, let everybody to identify your polarized sunglasses exactly is 'polarization', or 'con' light. Inspection methods need home computer or TV is a liquid crystal display, believe that this is easy to meet. Will first sunglasses lenses level on the liquid crystal display ( To horizontal well) There is no change, sunglasses lens; Then put sunglasses according to clockwise (up to a 45 degree Angle and screen, then you will see the color of the lens and darker. Follow continue to turn the sunglasses, glasses display returned to normal, it is proved that this pair of sunglasses that you have is a polarizing effect. At the same time, we can also see whether or not their polarized sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, it requires inspection money true and false of the ultraviolet lamp. Your sunglasses lenses level at one hundred yuan of money, with uv light through the lens according to the one hundred yuan bill watermark, at ordinary times will be quite obvious watermark, then through the lens, if light transmittance is extremely low, so congratulations you, your polarized sunglasses with uv protection function. Don't know how many friends will immediately picked up their sunglasses to try, but I still hope everyone in the choice of sunglasses is good, lest damage to their own interests. Recommend DouZhengGui optical shop or glasses shopping mall to buy, the real is the guarantee of health! In this way can the healthy at the same time a beautiful!
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