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Teach you choose sunglasses according to color

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Abstract: to invest in your sunglasses. Sunglasses in fact is not a simple decoration face, improving your aura the pose of the party, she also can protect your eyes in the hot sun, so choose a suitable sunglasses for yourself is actually a good investment. Suggestions to sunglasses color sunglasses color choice really depends on your personality and style, if you are a low profile as a basis for black sunglasses is very good, if you are a fashion fanatic so all sorts of fancy sunglasses may be your choice, if you are a gorgeous color restoring ancient ways lovers maybe the cat's eye, or a red border will be your food, of course you high-profile want to highlight your do a gaga's novel is not a bad thing. Usually down said glasses sunglasses factory thought because sunglasses worn on the face, it is very easy to affect your face sheet is tasted it can make you look healthy radiant look sick tired. So when choosing sunglasses color can follow 【 Warm and cool color 】 For roughly selected. Below as a general rule, if you are a warm color tone, Gold can make your skin look nice) , you can choose a few warm color, warm color such as yellow, cream, gold and red tomatoes. Below if you are cold tonal color of skin, make your skin beautiful colors such as black, blue, white and silver. For sunglasses factory small make up personal feel bad example: drops below, of course, it is important to note that there is, if you are a warm color tone of the mm: what do you think the whole basis of black sunglasses make you look too cold, so you can choose mirror with brown transition sunglasses, also can choose to contain aureate illuminative the pure black sunglasses.
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