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Teach you how to identify sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Sorching summer, sunshine is intense, a lot of ultraviolet and infrared light, may bring damage to the eyes, then you need a pair of dark glasses, in addition to have fashionable feeling, can be cool, the main is that it can protect your eyes under the strong light. Sunglasses can block or to absorb part of the light, reduce the stimulation to the eyes, so go out in the hot summer, wear a pair of sunglasses, it is very necessary. In the face of all kinds of high quality and bad polarized sunglasses on the market brand, how do we choose and buy sunglasses? Anta AT8002C1 polarized sunglasses 1 big box, see if sunglasses have certification general formal qualified sunglasses brands have tags, namely quality inspection certificate, shall be marked with brand name, color, diameter, quality levels, production factory name and trademark, etc. , especially to see if there is a QS identity tags. 2, see sunglasses lens, when buying sunglasses can be judged whether according to see things clearly. Polarized lenses of choose and buy as far as possible, because the polarized sunglasses can effectively block glare of uncomfortable, at the same time can protect your eyes from uv rays. Lens color to light gray, dark brown or light smoked for excellent, followed by green, amber, blue, red just as the sun or in the snow. Sunglasses lens there can be no scratches, impurity, air bubble, stripe. 3, look at the price of the sunglasses. Want to buy high quality sunglasses, can do is to optical store had formal and professional shop, the choose and buy sunglasses. Generally 50 yuan of the following sunglasses brand good don't buy. Because in terms of cost less than $50 is difficult to produce sunglasses, which are beneficial to the human eye. Current sunglasses market price is 100 yuan of above, if is lower than market price, will need to be more careful selection. 4, whether sunglasses have the function of anti ultraviolet sunglasses factory YC9008 gradient tawny uv polarized sunglasses not all sunglasses have the function of anti ultraviolet, meet the basic requirements of the standard sunglasses, can only say that while blocking light not through more ultraviolet light. If a pair of sunglasses can block glare and can't cut off with the same amount of uv light, for the wearer, will accept more than don't wear sunglasses ultraviolet ( Put on sunglasses, will reduce the luminous flux into the human eyes, cause the wearer pupil enlargement) 。 5, try wearing dark glasses to see whether to wear glasses to see clearly feeling well, can't wear feel dizziness, headache, eyes swollen. In addition to natural light to try wear sunglasses. Good is to choose a strong light in the day, wearing dark glasses can't see the ground have uneven feeling, objects cannot be out of shape. The sunglasses brand on the market, too many kinds, good and bad are intermingled. In order to better protect the eyes, small make up recommend or go to a regular store had better.
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