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Teaches white-collar workers to spin glasses is tie-in

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Often hear the majority of white-collar workers complained about the company dress code, precisely to ban all clothes, too sexy, too fashion, leisure, have personalities are not, each one face fuzzy suits, as busy as a worker bees to move back and forth between the office building. How to brush up their presence in the office? Although is a regular business attire, but we should also be different! Brush the sense from the beginning of the face, here small make up to you to share some white-collar workers to spin glasses collocation rule, I hope it can help dear friends. 【 The NO 1 workplace soft sister 】 Round frames appear quiet and do not break lively and lively, the design of short sleeve shorts, pure and fresh and lively and is suitable for the new entry, immature young face is not soft rib of the workplace, the youth will show out. 【 NO 2 small meat 】 workplace A pair of black box of the entry of timidity, and improve the appearance, protect the eyes, sunken modelling. Denim shirt tie-in and recreational and immature, very suitable for small entry meat oh. 【 NO 3 women 】 Tired of meticulous hairstyle, tired of high-heeled shoes, tired of the neat suit, tired of serious black-rimmed glasses, change, starting from the face! Abandon composed of black, carry bright color of red carbon fiber lenses, bring a little passion of life in daily work. 【 NO 4 workplace program apes 】 How can never bow in operation program of apes, not as good as a pair of glasses? Throw away the bottle so thick heavy glasses, put on a plate or tungsten carbon square frame glasses, either! Light and comfortable, and can show your composed of management of occupational, later any further not program the ape! 【 NO 5 the workplace. As the backbone of the elite workplace, clean up the right, with high comfort of materials, the rounded picture frame design, let you don't look so harshly, immediately have for good relationships. Above is the small make up sharing, spectacle frame, on the face of your image and impression to others is very important, so dear friends must attach importance to oh. White-collar workers want to get rid of the mechanical wear, try small make up suggest, may have unexpected results ~ image from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. cn
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