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Temperamental goddess Linda silver rodin sunglasses go life

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
'The most sad thing is I can think of, and nearly 70 year old woman bump unlined upper garment, the result or am I lost! Small make up to see this sentence deeply touched, 'the old woman is Linda rodin, although the old man already no longer youth, but her fashionable dress and confidence from inside to outside and free and easy. Linda rodin's most impressive is that a head of silver hair, the ever-changing and modelling of sunglasses. Is a supermodel when she was younger, she was a 65 - year - old age she not only stunning beauty, also has its own clothing brand refinery29 and fragrance brand RODIN. She kept fresh every day, capable and bright and clear, the feeling of trend, in her age really is just a number. Her cosmetics and clothes is bright like a silver fox charm enchanting unique personal style. Her beauty secrets, no gym, she never go to the gym, the only secret is sleeping, she can sleep almost 10 hours a day. The original beauty is sleeping. In her view, 'don't exercise, I hate exercise. 'She would rather stay at home and read a book, looked out the window, do anything. Even 50 s, she still maintained a elegant temperament and appropriate makeup look, she likes red lipstick, she looks like a beautiful girl general. Black lace dress reflect her unique sexy. She also liked with small feelings restoring ancient ways and exaggerated fashion dress up. Orange lipstick, black frame sunglasses, restoring ancient ways is in telling the story she is not the same. When Linda young model and stylist, is now a focus on business she founded skincare brand. Soak for a long time in fashionable circle, capability of her dress completely get rid of the 'old fashion' conservative dull, yet still elegant and intimate dynamic and doesn't have to put acosmia sense of youth. Silver dress, cat's eye sunglasses, camera pose, seems to be telling charm fashion regardless of age. Although Linda wear take a Style may not be suitable for young friend to imitate, but you might as well check out, also for his mom and grandma looking for pretending to be the inspiration, and feel the cool grandma 'love life, floating youth fashion positive energy. Sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C5 hawksbill/dark brown sunglasses factory S9102 sunglasses our fleet frame hawksbill/lens gradient tea
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