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Thailand will completely ban the import of waste plastic waste in 2021-what material is acrylic lens

by:Eugenia     2022-01-03
Less than a year after China officially issued a foreign garbage ban to the world, developed countries have unanimously spread their ideas to Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, forcing many Southeast Asian countries to stand up and stop it.    The U.S. has not only increased its exports of plastic waste to Thailand, but also its exports of waste plastics to countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam.  According to a report in the Financial Times on October 14, Thailand plans to completely ban the import of all types of foreign plastic waste in 2021. The APL shipping company APL also announced recently that it will not accept the transportation of waste plastics from the United States or Canada to China, Malaysia and other countries, and it will take effect in a timely manner.    Faced with the huge amount of plastic waste, Southeast Asian countries have taken measures to restrict imports, and what should European and American countries like 'giant babies' do? What material is acrylic lens?
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