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The 2011 summer sunglass trends

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
The sunny summer day, go out or go to holiday involve a great sunglasses. 2011 summer sunglass is divided into five kinds: the popular trend of basic metal picture frame, round square frames, 'triangle' picture frame, picture frame, exaggerated modelling picture frame, picture frame model leading role, specific how should ponder? Star street demonstration for you answer. Popular trend one: metal frame edge sunglasses transform more pattern in spring and summer in 2011, in addition to gucci ( Gucci) Show on the selection of aviator sunglasses, lanvin ( Lanvin) , Acne shows on the sunglasses on metal frames to keep only a quarter, extending directly by the frame; Jill sander ( Jil Sander) Is color double metal picture frame, presents the progressive character of the new style. Trend 2: round frames the fun of the spring/summer 2011 sunglasses is changeful modelling, the circular frame sunglasses in prada feeling restoring ancient ways, Prada) , Mr. Wu, Jason Wu) , Diane von fu bao ( 黛安·冯芙丝汀宝) , Anna sui ( 安娜苏) Many brand show, such as new ideas is color lens or frame design.
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