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The 2013 international glasses popular style information detailed interface

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
Sorching summer, sunglasses become out necessities. Below small make up to introduce several popular style, the 2013 international glasses for you to understand the popular trend of sunglasses this summer. Custom frameless progressive multiple focal lens: atlas frameless custom glasses has made 'the phantom of the opera', its leg and lens are key that grabs an eye. It adopts the design of swarovski diamond diamond trimming technology of lens and complex surface treatment, let his rimless glasses stand out; Progressive focal lens, a pair of glasses can see far, medium, nearly all kinds of distance of the object, by the favour of people at the top end. Fashion sunglasses: this year the trend of the framework is the bigger the better, large square frame, rounded corner slightly more popular. Dior this sunflower yellow wraparound sunglasses, frame semi-transparent texture such as Huang Fajing, about half of the large frame cover your face, appear more mysterious, fashionable. It is worth mentioning that for glasses myopia, like a pair of oversized myopia brand sunglasses, also can be solved easily. Decorative frame sunglasses: the design of the decorative frame sunglasses always look charming and elegant, delicate and cuddly, in terms of swarovski in 2013, it is composed of numerous edge surface model of frame and the glass wall, modelling is glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, shows a new sunglasses delicate level. Man dumb silver grey sunglasses: comes in classic style in the 1970 s, and dumb blond titanium frames, with grey gradient lens, the porsche PorscheDesign classic, global limited release, male collection worth yuppie diamonds. 'Cat's eye sunglasses:' in the 1950 s pop elements, now a high-profile comeback. 'Cat's eye' sunglasses because frames on both sides of the cock like butterfly wings, so also known as the butterfly. It is not only like a cat with a mysterious charming feeling, also like the butterfly, beautiful charm. D& G by gold custom plate production, one of the best interpretation of high-end fashion theme. Style restoring ancient ways the anti-fatigue anti-radiation mirrors: manual polishing plank restoring ancient ways collocation picture frame, ray-ban which derived from the classic novel circular rivet hinge collocation, the design of the lace picture frame, make the wearer inadvertently reveal fashionable lovely breath; With anti-fatigue anti-radiation lenses, let white-collar gens eyes more beautiful health.
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