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The 2015 summer is a few sunglasses by the rush of the people

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Summer, the weather is getting hot, outdoor sports, entertainment, more and more people are buying outdoor equipment also begin to pay close attention to the eyes and equipment. Sunglasses are now not just be cool fashion tools, but also our eye artifact. Below small make up with everyone together take stock this year is a few sunglasses by the rush of the people. Sunglasses factory S9101 C01 - new sunglasses 1 frame black/lens basket color film, large frame sunglasses. Avant-garde large frame sunglasses, walk in the street a very has the individuality, sending out the brave, uninhibited personality, also brings a strong appeal. And put up his face foil smaller, also get the favour of many stars. 2, coating frog mirror. Bold avant-courier, collided with metallic elements and the individuality color coating, draw the outline of the modelling of make public and tasteful. Linear illuminative mirror arm has revealed simple substance, wire frame of the classic frames, toad is to emphasize the overall elegant is sent. 3, round sunglasses. As the jing popular classic symbol, and even part of hippie culture, round and oval sunglasses have bounced back this year. Round sunglasses have incomparable powerful current, not only don't pick face, and put up more striking, popular with many people. Sunglasses now seems to have become synonymous with fashion trends, a variety of styles, a variety of colors. This summer more than three models on the market is more popular, plus various variety show broadcast, stars sunglasses increased fatigue, a upsurge zhuifeng swept through.
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