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The 67 - year - old grandma's tide sunglasses you keep up with the fashion?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
You may sometimes think, if their age as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, also always chasing the modern cutting-edge running more than? Could you think a woman over 60 years old, and he must is her fashion the end of the road, but you are wrong! In 2015 clothing series of Jean Paul Gaultier conference, 'grandma' appearance attracted millions of eyes. These once the youth dedicated to T stage supermodel still shine, amorous feelings. Age is not to give up the pursuit of good reason, good age will always be at the moment. Photographer Ari Seth Cohen also choose to put the camera on the streets of New York fashion ancient clever grannies. They put aside those dress red tape, whatever, completely don't care about other people's comments, with cool glasses, whether it is nifty and edgy, or wild and can be conveniently came to. After years precipitate of fashion, also is not we can imitate, and small make up also found from these lovely grandma we this section of the heroine - — Linda Rodin。 Now the word 'goddess' abused to no, perhaps everyone is not the same as the definition of a goddess, today, to tell the 'grandma' goddess is definitely a level. From young to old beauty of the Linda Rodin, as a young model and stylists, now focuses on business she founded brand clothing refinery 29 and fragrance brand Rodin Olio Lusso. Long-term immersion in fashionable circle, capability of her dress completely get rid of the 'old fashion' conservative dull, still elegant and intimate energetic, not pretending to be acosmia sense of youth. The year lead half hundred what? Flaming lips wipe up, oversize big box frame, motorcycle jacket to wear, a monumental fashion attitude go up and let someone else to aging! See a 67 - year - old Linda Rodin still marched up in cutting-edge fashion! Don't refuse to obey, with small make up to visit grandma 'boom' with great concentration to build 'pink antique apartment' feeling 'grandma' Linda Rodin deeply loves the life, floating youth fashion positive energy. Don't doubt that full of beautiful things in eyes, many kinds of necklace, glasses, ring are our grandma Linda, than those stars supermodel, fashion bloggers more grade? After years of precipitation, the left is beautiful. Grade these things, with the increase of experience will radiate the light of experience is long cover is new. Who says the have to be plain old not STH over and over again? Fashion is just don't look at age! Linda Rodin like most girls doing the beautiful dream in the childhood dream, fairy tales underwater world of the little mermaid is her love in the heart, so she used a series of Marine biological decorated the little old small apartment, and dog live with each other and easy life, take the reduction of ocean bottom of fairy tale dream, to even toilet toilet block having a unique style with fine detail Angle of fairy tales. Fashion and art closely linked, good taste and inter-permeation, look at Linda surrounded works of art. Fashion has nothing to do with age, old also want to so tide! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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