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The actress teach you unlock new wear sunglasses method!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
Summer must-have sunglasses, ever think that as long as put on it, momentum will immediately lift, but sunglasses in addition to a pick face, eyebrow eyebrow cape considerable wear method, a millimeter difference will bring you perfect fashion or accidentally broke the whole body modelling, today to sort out several kinds of flowers in the street snap recently most popular sunglasses tie-in skill, using different little things make sunglasses fashion attitude, promote strong sense of momentum, not only can show a bright eye street fashion ~ also learn together! Recommended reading: what female stars love fashion sunglasses sunglasses X baseball caps with sunglasses and a baseball cap collocation method, is the favorite of many big star style, with some leisure street, appears along with the gender is full of scheming, from baseball cap worn height and shades of color choice, many small details need to be aware of, on the choice of clothing recommended plain, plain sheet is tasted, the collocation of use level build rich fashion and personality. Sunglasses factory, 6069 men and women general sunglasses C4 blue box gun leg/dazzle colour blue vitoria dressed in a neat cutting black, the color of the hat also echoed. Choose the blue coating sunglasses, appear cool, you have. Loura pink, lovely. The design of sunglasses with a cat's eye, and pink hat match, lively girl again! Stephy hat, pure big black frame sunglasses wind into a little boy. It is nifty and ~ want to try boylish girl style of girls can learn a lot! Sunglasses recent mainstream chocker X neck, become a prerequisite for many accessories, sunglasses and necklace collocation method, is the most basic style in the streets, the emphasis of modelling, let people at a glance the super impression, choosing the tie-in way, neck chain don't be too complicated, don't be too wide, does not render bloated face. Flora slender neck, and wear a concise chocker, deserve to go up a pair of all black glasses, smartly. Not the kui is a husband! A bowknot Tang Yixin choice of is a hand, just lovely temperament fits in well with her, very sweet ~ Shen Mengchen's neck is very long, thin neck chain highlighted the neck line, big box square sunglasses will face foil is very small. Neck more than single see just two words: small. Sunglasses X in addition to the other stressed on the collocation of the head, neck, face the rest of us can also be serious. Earrings are light up sunglasses model sheet is tasted. Glasses belong to the transverse act the role ofing is tasted, earrings belongs to longitudinal act the role ofing is tasted. Victoria song chose to hang down object type design earrings, decorated with sunglasses out the outline of a face. NiNi to sunglasses glasses chain, deepened the focus of the face. Modelling is very eyes, reveal personality at the same time, also let whole look fashionable. Recommended reading: buy authentic sunglasses 7 necessary conditions for
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