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The advantages and disadvantages of transition lenses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
If you wear glasses, you will be familiar with the deal with the trouble of the sun. Carry glasses and sunglasses, every time go out to switch back and forth, and then come back. A simple option is to wear with photochromic or 'transition' lenses. When you go in these special lenses darken in the sun, then gets brighter. Recommended reading: how to choose the material of lens and glasses? The photochromic lenses has been in existence for decades. Once, glass lenses is the only material you choose, the grey lens is the only color. But today the photochromic glasses, there are many materials and a series of lenses color. Today is the most popular brand of Transitions, but the photochromic lenses are produced by many manufacturers. Other brands including Sensity, Thin&Dark and PhotoFusion. , depending on the type of lens and the brand's performance to BianSeJing will dim for different processes. The earliest photochromic glass lenses on silver chloride and silver halide issued a response to uv light and dark. Today most of the photochromic lens using proprietary dye, the dye through chemical change, when exposed to ultraviolet rays will make lenses darkened. 'Transition lens' is suitable for you? With photochromic lenses really provides convenience, but these types of glasses for you? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of photochromic glasses: advantages of transition lens: they are very convenient. You can use these glasses in most cases, both indoor and outdoor. They provide ongoing uv protection you will no longer forget your sunglasses, also need not bother to travel outside; They won't get lost easily. When you do not have two pairs to track, you and your child is unlikely to be lost glasses; They have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, can meet the demand of the prescription of most people. If you need to drop the lens, optical lenses, gradual mirror or has other special requirements, almost certainly provide you with the photochromic lenses; They can save money, you may not need to buy prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. Transition lenses faults: depending on the brand, they will become dark and light. Some people also need longer time to change it. With eye care professionals to discuss your needs and choice; In cold weather, they need more time to adjust; Them in the car will not dim, auto glass has certain uv protection function, can prevent the photochromic lenses darkened. Some lens is designed to help solve the problem; Advanced high quality glasses today with photochromic lenses may not be a waste, but for many people, is a sensible solution. Consider whether or not they are right for your lifestyle.
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