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The advantages of photochromic lenses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
In the GFK ( Of the world's top three data consulting group) Data, China's current retail glasses industry scale is about 23. 4 billion yuan, contains a stealth, sunglasses, glasses and other three relevant industries. More than 600 million orthodontic patients, 400 million patients with myopia, 1. 2. 3 billion pairs, after investigation and data collection, we know about China's photochromic lenses market there are 1. 5 million in a year. Around the globe has a population of more than 10 need to wear glasses to correct vision, these are all the photochromic lenses potential, the potential market is very considerable, 2008 time to change color lenses around the global consumption of 5 2 million. Photochromic lenses in development, also need to continue to improve, especially in improving now organic discoloration factor of fatigue resistance and using inorganic color factor two aspects should be enhanced, so the application of photochromic lenses will be more extensive. The advantages of photochromic lenses photochromic lens itself is collect a variety of functions as one of the high-tech product. It not only can be a dual vision correction and sun glasses, also can be used as a protective goggles, fashion glasses, special vehicle driving mirror, and so on. Photochromic lenses, in the case of the sun, is a kind of can replace sunglasses dark glasses, thick lenses can shine, blocking to prevent strong light point-blank, protect the eyes; In the room where the light is downy, photochromic lenses became like ordinary lens, colorless, in the transition of weak light and strong light has played a very good role of bridge. The color lenses can not only with the strength of the light dark bright,, also can absorb ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the human eye. More than 90% of all cancer associated with ultraviolet (uv) radiation occurs above the neck area, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light can cause eye and skin around the eyes, in addition to skin cancer, ultraviolet radiation will increase the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems, and destroys the immune system, photochromic lens to reduce uv of these injuries. Photochromic lens suitable for long-term work in the field or in the highlands and the snow work personnel, as goggles, because in the snow, mountains, surface strength of these occasions uv ultraviolet better than ordinary, especially serious damage to eyes, at the same time in these situations and to ensure that the eyes have enough clarity, it just time to change color lenses can meet the requirements of this aspect. In life, often will encounter some light problems, such as: the light of the sun light radiation and reflection objects, such as moving head lights at night, it is easy to cause the light illusion. The photochromic lenses of dazzle eye protection and contrast sensitivity in different light conditions to people of special significance. Photochromic lenses can achieve convenient visual experience, it is different from polarizer, photochromic lenses can quickly from the outdoor and indoor transparent into comfortable color, in order to reduce the discomfort glare, make the vision more healthy. Photochromic lens, the optical performance of relatively good colour and lustre is gentle, darker and more pleasing to the eye, the sunlight transmission rate is higher at night vision more clearly, at the same time, the photochromic lenses are more likely to processing, can be used for processing all types of lens and are suitable for all kinds of processing technology of the lens. A photochromic glasses instead of the function of sunglasses and a single lens glasses, avoid picking with trouble, only need a pair of glasses can achieve the result of two pairs of glasses. Photochromic lens can be used in indoor, travel, go out all kinds of environment. Beauty there is customer psychology to a common psychological state, hope the products can not only maintain their natural beauty, and can increase the modification, and also notice the appearance of the product, image, etc. , the photochromic lenses meet the customer's consumption psychology, is this lens is not only the prescription sunglasses, 3 light can keep out sunshine, still can correct vision, in addition to hundred uv protection, appearance is very fashionable. The photochromic lenses can be applied to all sorts of design, including presented. especially, dual light and gradual pills. In addition, the light change depending on the color piece with super ability of uv filters, also have beautiful warm color system, excellent appearance also applies to ordinary frame glasses. If in photochromic lens effectively on the basis of processing, such as double hard, color will be more durable like new, on this basis, can undertake multi-layer minus reflection film processing, can effectively reduce the light reflection, easy visual effect, can reduce the reflection of the light from the cause such as computer visual fatigue.
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