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The ancient myopia comedy tends glasses into commodities

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Glasses is indispensable to people's life. See a lot of things, slightly do not pay attention to, with the eye is myopic. In order to see things, after myopia to wear glasses. But you want to wear glasses when the ancients myopia is never easy, so myopic reader will often make a lot of anecdotes and jokes. Joke1: there are two reader, eyes are myopic, day two people meet, they bow salute, I didn't expect to run into the forehead brow. Joke2: once upon a time there was a man called Mr Herbal garden, there is a friend to visit him and see him lying on the table, thought he was sleeping, approached a look, turned out to be in the reading, eyes from the book is not an inch away. He found someone, then raised his head, but can't see who goes there, get a friend is not happy. Seiko genuine HT01080C113 black business man half box real pure titanium myopia glasses some would say, and with ancient glasses. But glasses in ancient times is a kind of rare and precious thing, ordinary people can't afford to wear. To the yuan dynasty, the emperor also give old minister the glasses as a royal taste. Besides, the structure of the glasses was not reasonable, now the quality of the lens is not good now, so, it is certainly not comfortable to wear the glasses. Modern glasses processing technology, structure design, got a lot of ascension, let myopia wear comfortable, light, don't think it is a kind of obstacles, burden, and modern people wearing glasses as a whole will also be an important part of dress. Spring/summer 2016 fashion week show, almost all the mainstream brands will be glasses to play, let the body long fashion supermodel, fine wear glasses after unexpectedly emit scroll flavour sex appeal. Below we together to enjoy the popular 2016 several glass frame! Prada sheet metal VPR 01 pa tortoiseshell 2 au1o1 man full box myopia GUCCI GUCCI titanium plate GG9102 13 v full frame/J grind arenaceous black men myopia glasses frame CK 5884 unisex eyeglass frame 480 purple bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1604C07 purple box silver legs tide style sheet full rims
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