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The beauty of square sunglasses give you want

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Square sunglasses have always been a hot style of sunglasses, angular, decent, hollow out your little face modelling, give a person a kind of neutral charm of fashion. In addition, no matter you are want to sunlight or domineering or unruly, it can meet your needs! In other words, that is the beauty of square sunglasses can give you want! 1, square sunglasses shape well parker ran cold lively modelling jingboran, dressed in a black panther printing T-shirt, indigo blue the mass-tone attune of the cooling lively, animals and flowers vine and restoring ancient ways of printing grain eyes, classic box sunglasses on collocation, simple fashion charm. 2, Richard c. haskelli box shape sunglasses British van modelling Richard c. haskelli striped pants with a grey coat collocation in the airport, England fan, sunglasses block surface dashing, handsome sunshine. Besides square sunglasses, frog mirror is also love Richard c. haskelli, Richard c. haskelli, dressed in a white shirt and black blazer, classic short boots collocation, cool sunglasses covered face, simple and with black and white collocation, tidal rocks. Type 3, wu queer unique hip-hop mirror exhibition handsome charm queer wu received a magazine interview, for the first time about his light behind the ordinary life, wu queer leisure dress up in a white, reveals its own unique hip-hop style in mature. Wear BAPE new fifth anniversary glasses 'five _anniv BAPE + 86', but also show the charm of handsome men. Wu queer and BAPE brand the concept of the common pursuit of street fashion tide, BAPE launched the fifth anniversary of glasses 'five _anniv BAPE + 86', its leg with red, yellow to gezer camouflage, reveal the moisture BAPE brand, camouflage 'f' word, also set off this mark the unique charm and meaning of glasses - — Since the first BAPE store opening, it has been five years, to commemorate the BAPE high grades in the mainland market and especially introduces the value of this memorial the fifth anniversary of glasses. Type 4, Yin Zheng cool mirror to show the new handsome ripe male wind Yin Zheng a group photo exposure. Photo, Yin Zheng dressed in straight suit, wear cool black ultra, large feels dye-in-the-wood. Sometimes ZuiDiao sunglasses in the car show the new handsome side, sometimes show mature man looking into the wind. 5, li chao black covered face show urban elite girlies li chao in a light gray suit and black haroun pants, white sneakers feet more easily along with the gender, he added a few minutes with sunglasses, fully show the urban elite. Square sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9705 general light black/lenses grey ray-ban sunglasses C1 RB4225 man 646/55 transparent ray-ban sunglasses RB2132 - F men sunglasses 622/17 black/dazzle colour blue chip box sunglasses has always been synonymous with elegance, angular design combined with consistent cover and highlights little face effect, large area and square sunglasses for oval face shape modification of the effect is better. Box, of course, is not the patent of men sunglasses, also loved by women, can deduce the neutral trend of today's good.
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