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'The beauty of the contract' eternal song dan-dan famous glasses brand image with love

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Directed by Yu Chun, Song Fang gold writers of contemporary urban comedy extravaganza 'beautiful contract' will be landing in zhejiang, Beijing on February 1, when put, shenzhen four big TV prime-time. The cast eternal song dan-dan famous, thorgrim, nicole, MIKE sui, nail dang, nine holes, pan Yangtze river, wang lei, He Yunwei, dongfu Lin to join, for the year of the horse team big new drama. Eternal song dan-dan famous comedy masterpiece is influenced generations of people joke, as an actress, eternal song dan-dan famous classic image often or migrant workers. it is old woman. In a drama, 'the beauty of the contract' eternal song dan-dan famous overturned before playing old dress up as ugly image, in the image of pure glasses sister, retro classic round glasses make her successful show MOE, tang suit, girls dress and wedding dress is more modelling. 'The beauty of the contract' is the eternal song dan-dan famous thorough farewell to the audience in the form of TV series for the first time after the Spring Festival gala friends happy New Year, fresh beautiful glasses sister modelling is well worth looking forward to.
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