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The beauty of Yang liping frames to explain to restore ancient ways

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Recently 'peacock' elves Yang liping in yancheng and citizens held a 'cognitive, meet meeting,' on the same day, Yang liping a national red, wearing a brown hat and dark glasses, put black waist plait of chest, light like a girl. Yang liping at ordinary times dress very very literature and art, restoring ancient ways is not rural wind is the wind, but no matter what kind of style she cannot leave in addition to the long nails, and frame glasses! Each box of glasses to help her create more the image of god, sometimes as if isolated rural girl, with a hint of sadness and strong artistic breath. Sometimes very atmosphere, have a kind of 'ling2 han2 open' pride of wintersweet gas. Glasses can modify facial defects, and wooden frame glasses itself has a strong artistic breath. Want to build wind restoring ancient ways or want a can try, definitely there will be a surprise to recommend a similar glasses: new sagawa fujii plank of wood tide box myopia glasses all 7440 men and women dc01 black sagawa fujii wood plank + 7425 dc28 hawksbill tide restoring ancient ways with men and women general myopia frame
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