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The best fashion must-have 9 pieces of street snap item

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
See the stars appear every time dress so compelling, envy? See fashion model appearance every time a pair of fashionable amazing appearance, envy? See the best street snap even without a perfect figure, without the roof level appearance, still can become a beautiful scenery, is a very hate? Actually each match all need a little skill, master the necessary fashion experts after the 9 pieces of street snap artifact, want not striking hard oh, hurry up to take a look! How can want to have these at the same time without the 'summer classic combination sunglasses + straw hat'? Summer fashion street snap is not hard to make sex, sometimes only need that one or two pieces of accessories. 2, said a print dress print dress is one of the item of summer heat, surely nobody don't agree. Printing design is not just a 'flower' and 'small broken flower', geometric pattern such as stripe, wave point and abstract geometric patterns are printed. Print dress actually not difficult to manage, as long as to avoid too gorgeous 'safflower matchs greenery,' vulgar 'with small broken flower' get twice the result with half the effort. Choose summer dress, there are some small tips: white color printing appear relaxed and have style, wearing striped, pinstripe than thick stripe more show thin. 3, a goddess of elegant dress street snap which none of the elegant dress, walk in the summer breeze swaying? And ankle skirt is a good way to cover a variety of imperfect shape legs, another useful place is leg ministry is prevented bask in! Little girls and 'beauty' fat may worry about wearing chiffon dress will 'show short fat'. Indeed, lightweight breathable chiffon fabric in show elegant and romantic at the same time will have a 'slight expand feeling' in the visual. Learn Olivia Palermo is tie-in a waist belt, waist, leg proportion also elongated. 4, a hot pants is summer hot pants eternal classic, this will show the legs of item is the star supermodel show the big long legs. Popular ultrashort denim hot pants straight and tall waist shorts high visibility in the star street snap. When selecting high waist straight shorts plaid, striped pattern, printing and so on can let shorts appear more 'texture', here is tie-in high-heeled shoes instantly stretched leg ministry line. Bull-puncher knickers is as short as possible, bring some burrs and hole also just as well; But can appear 'too hard' tie-in high-heeled shoes, sports shoes or flat sandals is the perfect fit. 5, a wide leg pants real wear loose comfortable sex, atmospheric contracted neutral style make the celebrity bloggers to wide-legged pants fondle admiringly. A pure color wide-legged pants can not only show intellectual glamour, collocation makes a whole become relaxed and pure color coat. Want to show long legs while wide-legged pants? Might as well spend bit of idea on shoes collocation: a pair of nude pointed high-heeled shoes can help you to 'infinite' crus lines. 6, a pair of flat sandals have to admit, flat shoes in 'show leg' spell but really high heels, but the unparalleled comfort determines are popular among a flat sandals in the summer street snap. In fact, wear flat sandals also can show big long legs, the trick is to match vented long skirt! Moreover flat sandals when the choice, might as well consider more with crystal pendant, cool feeling net surface detail adornment rivets or sex appeal, with their 'display', your flat sandals do not lose 'two-tonne' high heels. 7, a pair of white sneakers white sneakers fire season how much we really can't say for certain, because it has been in the fire! Whether simple or obvious comfort joker fact wear resistance, decide it is indispensable to your item. Print dress collocation, cultivate one's morality jeans, delicate small dress ( Rosamund Pike almost at a celebrity party wearing a little white dress and white shoes, moments that make friends around the star 'dim and blank') , in a word, we can't think of any 'weakness' to white sneakers. 8, a little black dress or a small white skirt fashion timeless classic black dress in the summer will be one more small white skirt and sisters. Here are spread a little knowledge, whether it is a little black dress or a small white skirt, don't think this skirt is just because the 'small' must be small enough, enough. Little black dress can be long sleeve shirt skirt, can be vented umbrella skirt, also can be a skirt? Knee and ankle even dress. In addition to the 'basic' little black dress or a small white skirt, you can also try romantic bud silk, chic bow or gentle add fashionable favors classical dress for you. 9, a small bag, said, how can we forget the woman partner handbags? But we have to learn to pack light summer high temperatures, a small bag, light always bigger than a heavy bag to the modern. Lightsome and exquisite 'shape' combined with nifty candy colors, build in the summer and clever, small bag, it is a better choice. Look at how they use a small bag, light up the whole body modelling. Summary of down, do not know dear friends notice, master of these photos are all sunglasses covered face, so want to better show individual character, must choose a sunglasses, even if you dress in a more general, sunglasses can also allow you to immediately improve the image of the street snap, show the perfect side.
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