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The boy with a pair of glasses for what hairstyle

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
The love of beauty is not the patent of girls, the boy had a right to let oneself become more handsome and charming. But now more and more friends with a pair of glasses, a lot of people don't like the appearance of his glasses, but he could do nothing, this time is speed for power, why not choose a suitable for their own style, let oneself become more handsome? The aircraft head cool head model, the bang of coil turns, to reveal the full forehead, can enhance the vertical sense of the face at the same time, have the effect of a modified face, does not affect handsome with glasses. Fluffy bang it have administrative levels feeling of the fluffy hair natural and easy, heavy inclined bang against the forehead, add fashionable breath to modelling. Type match glasses, more have a van. Mo left-side cool the west dry boy haircut, is also a fluffy feels dye-in-the-wood. On both sides of the hair clip and agile, the top hair modelling is outstanding, has the very good stereo feeling. Match glasses, do not break intellectual charm. Restoring ancient ways of style restoring ancient ways the lightness feels dye-in-the-wood oil head shape has also been a lot of boys chase after hold in both hands, your hair is shorter, comparing the towering high above the oil, is one of the fashionable and sexy hairstyle. Glass frame recommendation: CK CK5862 man glass frame 001 black CK CK7122 unisex eyeglass frame 210 bronze
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