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The British version, rihanna said - Rita Ora wear MYKITA frame sunglasses circle

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
In addition to the song, Rita Ora dress sense, she has also become a new generation of British young people's Fashion Icon and circle IT Girl, her signature style mixes rap, in the 80 s, amorous feelings restoring ancient ways of the neon colors and 20 s, bright lip color and exaggerated eyebrows illustration is one of her signature Look. Rita Ora has chosen to MYKITA with Bernard Willhelm joint metallic blue circle frames with blue mirror Zeiss lens sunglasses, make the finishing point of the deck of a hollow pink summer dress up, performed in London 2014 summer champion new single 'I will never let you down'. Rita Ora wearing MYKITA blue circle frame sunglasses in London public performance MYKITA & amp; 伯纳德Willhelm ( Left) Black fog face frame flame red classics have lens circle frame sunglasses. ( Right) Golden frame blue lens circle frame sunglasses NT $22000 MYKITA & amp; 伯纳德Willhelm - ( Left) Bronze frame blue layer frame glasses lens circle gradually. ( Right) Green green apple green picture frame mirror lens round sunglasses NT $22000 pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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