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The buy here you decide appearance level to the sunglasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Said to deserve to act the role of you must feel that the most important is the shoes and handbags, it is the symbol of status and taste, but actually there is a accessories, is not just about trends, will also be able to determine your level of appearance! That is the area covered the ugly sunglasses. Want to face the three-dimensional contour are metal frame sunglasses if you want to create a face line feeling, so metal frame glasses is preferred, edge design, tie-in thin metal line, let face more stereo. In the majority with pilot type, metal frame glasses lens size moderate, let the bridge of the nose more gao ting, and hollow out design can make the eye contour deeper more stereo. D6388- 1 - 年代。 MSD6388- G。 M。 BU want to improve facial lines highlighted V face the cat's eye sunglasses of cat's eye sunglasses can effectively, line, face to face more V effect. Don't choose too much of the cat's eye lens, just keep on wide and narrow corner, can play a narrow bridge of the nose, show the effect of V face. D6333- 提单。 M。 BUD6333 - 哭了起来。 M。 Designed. the GN wanted to show white color show the popular trend of transparent lens sunglasses mirror sunglasses have been popular, but the fact is that you didn't notice it still has the effect that show, equal to bring their own lighting effect! No matter color mirror or silver, golden, can at the same time, in reflecting the sun's rays using mirrors to face, let you more show color under the sun. D6358- 提单。 G。 M。 ORD6358 - 提单。 年代。 M。 BU want instant face artifact big frame sunglasses whether big or mirror glasses frame, is definitely a fake smile best artifact, as long as wear can instantly become little face! Choose this big frame sunglasses, can give priority to with brunet department, and the black show thin is the same! D6394AY - 提单。 数字多媒体广播。 M。 GD6394AY - 数字多媒体广播。 SM to choose a right pair of sunglasses help to enhance the level of our appearance how ah, so, now you can choose accessories to improve the level of appearance? This article from the media industry, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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