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The cat's eye sunglasses let you sexy like a cat

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Float in the sky of corner, with a sexy taste like a cat. Modelling of the cat's eye sunglasses from street talent or a star like sexy small lovely. Fashionable modelling, plus some creative is dressed up, add more to the cat's eye sunglasses somewhat unique individual character feeling. Originated in the 50 s of the cat's eye sunglasses, is losing per JiHong sheet is tasted, upturned eyes revealed the charm and mystery, star hipster to fondle admiringly. Here, let small make up take you take a look at the stars how to wear the cat's eye sunglasses! ! ! ! Fruit elder sister from the past to the present clothing products is more and more elegant and delicate, katy perry is a fashionable sister stars? She deserve to act the role of item more emphasis on match with clothes. Hollow out of navy blue lace dress with a pair of blue and white frame sunglasses, after the long lens line more face stereo saturation, and more with beautiful long hair. As a supermodel and hot mama Miranda Kerr clothes not only fine without error, even sunglasses style is also a change to change, oh. Miranda's face belongs to a square face, wide forehead, face shape is more suitable for such parties are the cat's eye sunglasses, wide lens and double buccal line better matching, Miranda's baby fat also instantly disappeared, leopard print borders but also turns into a sexy sweet mom, oh. Olivia Palermo is becoming more and more fashionable modelling, the authentic American socialite natural to go on the front to be fashionable celebrities title. This retro pattern frame for the modelling of the cat's eye becomes more modern, black and super lens increases the high-end sunglasses, the cat's eye sunglasses are very suitable for square face slightly Olivia, more can spin face?
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