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The characteristics of the various known ray-ban sunglasses 3025

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Ray-ban Ray - Ban, was founded in 1930, the United States from the brand establishment, ray-ban has been the world's best-selling brand of glasses. Ray-ban style is timeless design, profile design, durable classic style, and new style more younger, main product of ray-ban sunglasses are known, the sunglasses 3025 series was over are very popular. A pair of glasses can keep the public's heart, get the favour of countless people, must have its unique features. Ray-ban RB3025 gold frame green piece of 112/19 colorful leisure fashion sunglasses ray-ban sunglasses 3025 main characteristics 1, lens sharpness: the surface of the lens after fine grinding, with super optical clarity. And average lens radian, not deformation, long wear still feel comfortable, can prevent the eye fatigue, headache, and so on and so forth. 2, the lens impact resistance: to protect the eyes, each pairs are after 5/8 of an inch falling ball impact test, to ensure its impact resistance. Glass of nature can effectively prevent the scratch hardness, make the glasses more durable. 3, the lens color and function: the color stability is very high, no matter how long the lens is exposed to the sun will not change color, or lighter. And keep your lenses can be separated about infrared eye, cool and refreshing and comfortable, lie between about blu-ray enhance color contrast, double vision clear. 4, frame design: design bold avant-courier, collided with metallic elements and the individuality color coating, draw the outline of the modelling of make public and tasteful. Linear illuminative mirror arm has revealed simple substance, wire frame of the classic frames, toad is to emphasize the overall elegant is sent. Slender leg design with a slightly undulating lens, accord with human body engineering, and do manual work is delicate, attention to detail, wear up very comfortable. Ray-ban sunglasses 3025 is a classic sunglasses, suitable for all kinds of face shape, color is also very cool, whether you want to show the forward sliding sideways bloke or to express pure and fresh and personality of the MM, is a good choice ~
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