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The charm of working women glasses makeup look

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Working women often give a person the feeling is very rigid, lack of activity of nine to five every day, but as a woman, every time to keep a positive heart, want to take care of yourself, and dress up oneself, in this way can we live beautiful. If you are a glasses sister, might as well look at these glasses ~ makeup look bright color glass frame sunglasses factory sheet 2167 C6 red tide models all yards neutral myopia frame makes deep eye socket is one of the important steps to enlarge the eyes. Foils with eye makeup key frames, let face more stereo, tie-in berry color lip makeup, highlighting women's noble temperament of restoring ancient ways. 1, thrush, pay attention to the glass frame arc above must be consistent with the eyebrow, need not coincide, only roughly similar. 2, sootiness makeup of eye ministry showed women capable side, compared with a black or gray smoke, khaki more gentle and smart. Select the product that has metallic luster, spin eye end, upper eyelid eye and eye end, eyelid mid make clever luster. 3, draw the outline of inner liner, emphasizing the eye contour. 4, lower eyelid choose khaki eye shadow can be slightly to add some grey purple eye shadow, with plaster tiny section of the outline lines. Marca dragon color glasses sunglasses factory FB0032 unisex eyeglass frame C05 powder marca colorful dragon color glasses, such as colour is stirring the hearts of honey. So the colour collocation of the delicate makeup look full of vitality, can let a person become more sunshine, can also be UP liking! 1, backing with pearl foundation, increase the skin texture, your face with grooming powder, can be on the bottom makeup face stereo feeling. 2, shading, with brown eye shadow in the upper eyelid to emphasize the eye contour. 3, choose orange cheek is red, in the lower position to avoid being cover eyes, strengthen face stereo feeling more. 4, in line with the overall look, labial ministry decorate, also can choose orange lipstick collocation whole makeup, lipstick must choose enamel texture lipstick, such ability can be coordinated with the whole. Classic men's and women's leisure paragraph black-rimmed glasses sunglasses factory and generous fashion thin plate full frame FB5030C01 black button-down black frame glasses myopia glasses is the joker of makeup look, at this time as effort under the look line, eye end will look line 5 mm long, wearing glasses is absolutely right. If time is pressing, in fact, brush a bright eye eyelash can save worry the street! 1, concise and spell able nude makeup look, with black frame, the intellectual and slightly soft. 2, eye makeup to use gray eye shadow with dense or daub on dark false eyelash eyelash to cream. 3, because the lens have narrowed eyes effect, make show little eyes, so you should choose brunet look line, in the eye end 5 mm long, expand the effect of the eyes.
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