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The children wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
As we all know, eyes long exposure to ultraviolet light may cause a series of eye disease, by wearing sunglasses can effectively block uv damage to the eyes. But the children wear sunglasses? Not bad for the eyes? The American association of power measurement in particular, children and adolescents in outdoor activities for longer periods of time, eyes are more vulnerable to uv damage, so need more protective glasses. Britain Yorkshire ophthalmic hospital experts also said that the eye itself is more sensitive to uv light, and compared with adults, children of the pupil is bigger, therefore easier to ultraviolet light into their eyes, produce more damage to the eyes, so the children have to wear sunglasses to block ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes. However, children's sunglasses when the choose and buy should choose high quality sunglasses, in order to avoid inferior sunglasses have more serious damage to the eyes. Glasses sunglasses factory experts warm prompt you: both adults and children in need to pay attention to when they are wearing sunglasses and time, avoid indoors and in the dark environment or wear sunglasses when watching TV to see a movie, in order to reduce the burden of the eyes, let your eyes more healthy and comfortable.
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