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The choose and buy sunglasses grey green tea is better

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Summer comes, you must wear sunglasses, especially under the condition of strong sunshine, it's not just for the sake of beauty, decoration, wearing sunglasses have a lot of benefits. As a kind of vision health supplies, reduce glare, clear the same vision, uv protection, real recognition and accurate identification of traffic signal color, is the basic function of sunglasses. Choosing sunglasses, most people think that the deeper the color, shading effect, the better, uv protection effect is better, it's not. When the choose and buy sunglasses, first of all, should choose the lens or on the package '100% filter out ultraviolet light', 'UV400' or 'uv' and other signs of glasses. Second, should choose the environment after wearing glasses color distortion, look at the edge of the object is not clear, the image deformation of glasses. In addition, in terms of the color of the lens, expert proposal, from a person's physiological standpoint, gray, brown, green, can absorb the infrared, ultraviolet, better for a good choice, the color is too deep too light is bad.
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