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The choose and buy sunglasses need to be careful inferior sunglasses eye injury

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Sunglasses role is to provide radiation protection for the eyes, now more endowed with fashionable breath. A set of fashionable sunglasses adornment effect more weight, they think anyway sunglasses can protect your eyes, with a total right. But you know, if the sun glasses is unqualified, it will more harm than don't wear eyes! That what qualifies as a sun glasses? After wearing sunglasses, because part of the sunlight is filtered out, although not always narrow her eyes, but at the same time, the pupil will be enlarged. If at this time the sun glasses is unqualified, can't filter out a large number of ultraviolet ray will be exponentially directly into eyes, damage eye cornea, lens, retina and greatly increase the risk of suffering from 'cataract'. As a result, the sun glasses is not just can wear, unqualified sunglasses will bring certain harm to the eyes. 1, objects distort the distortion, apparent random phenomenon. 2, giddy, headache, nausea, insomnia. 3, consumption of vision, cause eye fatigue. 4, can't filter harmful light, causing damage to the eyes. The sunglasses are of variable quality that sells on the market at present, what qualifies as a sunglasses? Sunglasses factory recommend sunglasses factory sunglasses YC9006jho red wine. 1, can filter out more than 90% of the harmful rays. 2, the lenses must have enough area to prevent the frame side by the penetration of the light source. 3, must have the accurate optical lenses, scene through the lens when not twisted. 4, the color of the face between the two lenses than must be uniform, not more than 5% error. 5, quality good, wear light, comfortable, and ergonomic. 6, impact resistance, not easy broken. 7, there cannot be a prism effect, otherwise have dizziness phenomenon. 8, with functions of facial decoration. A qualified sunglasses may be because the brand, material, packaging, style, color difference and promotion and price, the sun glasses have 20 or 30 yuan, but its quality is often cannot be guaranteed. Is suggested to word of mouth, therefore, good optical shop or online store to choose and buy, at least in the aspects such as quality inspection, all relatived inspections can get better assurance.
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