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The choose and buy sunglasses need what to problem note?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
Summer has come, we must not ignore the summer hot accessories: sunglasses! Sunglasses has become a fashionable tide people travel necessary accessories, not only have novel styles, put on a more personal special charm. However, because of wearing inferior sunglasses and cause eye injury news had heard. Indeed, the inferior sunglasses not only have the effect that is less than sunshade, uv protection, can let a person appear even nausea, forgetfulness, insomnia and other visual fatigue. So, how do you choose to a pair of high quality fashion sunglasses? First of all, try before you buy. Choose and try to put on the sunglasses have the feeling of dizziness, headache. Second, before buy, need to check. Buy sunglasses, to check the lens for scratch, bubble, impurities, stripes, also want to check packing for sunglasses, because regular sunglasses should be marked with name, color, diameter, quality levels, production factory name and trademark, the mirror or tags are marked as both UVA and UVB rays and CE mark. In addition, the color of the sun glasses also has exquisite, small make up recommend when choosing color, with light grey, dark brown or light smoked for excellent, followed by green, amber, etc. , in general, black, dark brown, grey filter effect is good; Grey lens for any chromatography can balanced absorption. At the same time, the market started selling sunglasses, ordinary sunglasses is flat lens, and myopic lens has a certain degree, the sun so small make up remind consumers when buying sunglasses glasses for may need guidance by professionals.
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