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The choose and buy sunglasses, uv400 logo is very important

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
As the temperature gradually turned hot, the sun is dazzling, sunglasses sales increases. However, many consumers when buying sunglasses, to choose and buy sunglasses standard is not clear. Glasses sunglasses factory remind everybody, the choose and buy sunglasses uv400 logo is very important. Sunglasses to prevent the effect of ultraviolet ray is by UV lens ( Uv) Standard. Uv400 is an important standard of sunglasses can absolutely prevent ultraviolet ray, if buy sunglasses uv values are not reached 400, shows the sunglasses is not absolutely prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes in the sun. Glasses sunglasses factory warn broad customer, when buying sunglasses frontal wherein consumers can buy eyes store, using uv test instrument to measure, can immediately detect the index of uv protection.
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