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The choose and buy sunglasses what indicators need to be considered

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Than in previous years, this year's winter is not too cold and consequently bloomy spring season is coming, a lot of outdoor fans are already ready for your travel, including sunglasses is essential for a weapon, not only can stop many of the harmful light, or pack up fashion fan, is also the outdoor take bit more beautiful, but a lot of talent in buying sunglasses there is error, so let's take a look at how the choose and buy sunglasses also have what indicators to consider. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold price: a pair of sunglasses lens quality should not be too cheap price, so don't buy a lot of colourful because covet is cheap sunglasses, such as sunglasses are often very uncomfortable when worn, not color distortion, is the lens is easy to wear, make the eye fatigue easily. Recommended reading: how much ray-ban sunglasses UV index: for sunglasses, UV ultraviolet index is the filtering effect, it is important to a standard, at present, most of the sunglasses UV index between 96% and 98%. Try: to best when buying sunglasses can try mirror under natural light, because of bad light at night or artificial lighting environment cannot correct try out the effect of the sunglasses. Is the best option at the time of day with a strong light, go to the outside of the store had to try wearing sunglasses. Feeling: it is best not to purchase sunglasses with 'love at first sight'. Frame of the beautiful is important, but the lens visual comfort and frame wearing comfort is more important. If you do not have your cake and eat it, fish and also take the bear's paw. Tags: this small brand is often neglected. In fact, the tags on the producers, in addition to tell you glasses also hide a lot of useful information, such as whether you choose and buy glasses sunglasses or light color, is a resin lenses or acrylic. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown lens: identify the lens quality is one of the most simple way, is to take glasses in rocking back and forth in front of him, to see if the object and the lens to move together. If it is, that the lens is not flat, concave and convex, belongs to the unqualified lenses. This is for flat light, of course, if is myopia sunglasses that are not quite sure. Color: in addition to leisure and entertainment, if is really for uv protection, it is better to buy ray-ban grey, ray-ban green, blue gray real shade the lens of sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color, is especially suitable for for motorists, because will not affect their distinguish of traffic lights and traffic signal. Wear test: finally put on sunglasses in the walk around, see will cause the symptom such as dizziness, vertigo, eyes swell, as well as to observe whether there are any deformation in the surrounding objects, distortion, and so on and so forth.
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